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About us

Spad Petro Valve employs the best experts to achieve the intuitive design and high-quality industrial valves, special valves and actuator operated valves of different sizes and classes in Iran. Our brand is in butterfly, choke, and special valves.

As a knowledge enterprise, SPV tries to serve various industries focusing on oil, gas, petrochemical, and water projects. Furthermore, SPV can provide designing and manufacturing of industrial valves and pieces, repairing and maintaining industrial valves according to the last standards. We believe that the company’s products and services can meet the customer demands. SPV assures the customers that after-sales service is considered an integral part of our product. Thanks to our strong knowledge of all valves, we support our customers in after-sales service and provide technical and engineering services for them. Our technical team can gather previous experiences and draw specific customer situations. We offer technical solution consulting to our customers without a time limit.

Spad Petro valve with high reliability and no technical limitations tries to achieve great goals. SPV is ready to work with customers with a young and active spirit. Our goal is to show ourselves globally.

Effort is the meaning of life.