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Wafer Butterfly Valves

Your Certified Wafer Butterfly Valve Factory

Offering resilience and cohesion to pipelines, wafer butterfly valves are designed with a reliable valve seat which allows for the flange to be easily connected to the valve. Meeting ANSI/API, BS, DIN, and JIS requirements, our wafer-style butterfly valves are made with quality metal material that enables valves of this type to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining overall cleanliness.


Manufactured for pneumatic or electric actuation, DomBor valves are designed in our factory to fit precise applications. Our design and engineering experts follow your requirements through detailed consultations to give you long-lasting valves that perform well under your specified conditions.

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Wafer Butterfly Valves Collection

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Wafer Butterfly Valves Collection

Wafer butterfly valves are very widely used, as they help in supplying wafer, collecting the wafer, and then distributing the same. It is used in the wafer pumping stations and is also used to isolate the wafer flow. Dombor has been manufacturing wafer butterfly valves for years now and is versed with what works well. Our extensive experience helps us deliver nothing but the best.

Structure of Wafer Butterfly Valve

The valve structure is such that it is named a butterfly valve because the disc is situated in the center of the disc. The valve should either be fully closed or fully opened when in operation.


The significant parts or the components of a wafer butterfly valve are:

  1. The main body of the valve
  2. The valve’s disc is situated in the center and acts as a gate that either stops the liquid from flowing or allows it to flow.
  3. The seat of the valve helps secure the disc in its place when the machine is in a closed position which enables a complete off position of the valve.
  4. The stem of the valve helps connect one part of the valve with the other parts.
  5. The seals of the valve help the valve for a complete seal position or in isolation of the process.

Why should you use a triple offset butterfly valve?

The primary function of a wafer butterfly valve is to regulate wafer flow in any system. It is essential in any pump station to control wafer flow. Also, a certain pressure needs to be maintained, which is not possible with just a mere pipe, which is why a wafer butterfly valve is used.

Many different valves are available, and every valve is unique in its functions and specifications. Valves are either automated or come with a manual which helps in their easy operation.